Friday, November 27, 2009

Young Writers: Why our generation is so proficient at writing.

A new anthology for American teen writers was released this month, The Best Teen Writing of 2009. It was compiled from writers aged 12-18 who received the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2009.

It is great to see new venues come about, especially venues that allow young and emerging writers to get published. They have particular need for encouragement.

And how great is it that we have a nation of teenagers that are growing up writers? While some might point to social media, blogs, etc. as the downfall of teen grammar and an obstacle to honing writing skills, I think it's the opposite.

The generation that is growing up right now has more opportunity than any previous generation to practice writing, getting the writing out there, and getting immediate feedback. As a result, a greater portion of this generation is proficient in writing.

With the playing field being elevated all over in such a way, I think it will spark a lot of innovation and a higher standard for writing. I'm to see what my generation, and the ones just after it, do with writing and all the new media that is coming about. And I'm even more excited to be able to be a part of it all.

For more information, see CNN's article on it.

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