Thursday, November 5, 2009

English Emphasis 3: Creative Writing

The creative writing emphasis is made available to students who wish to study the creative process and products of writing, as well as learn how to get their works published. It will greatly benefit students who wish to pursue a career as a published creative writer or author.

Students will have the opportunity, through 200- to 400-level creative writing classes that focus on developing the craft of writing. Genres available for focus include poetry, screenwriting, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. Students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, to revise and edit their own works, and to assist their peers in doing the same. They will be encouraged to submit works for publication in the university’s literary magazine, Outlet.

I chose a creative writing emphasis because it seemed to fit why I liked English,” said Skyler Meeks, a sophomore who chose creative writing as his emphasis. “I didn't like English because I liked structure, or because I liked reading. I liked English because I liked writing--and that's what you do with a creative writing emphasis.

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