Thursday, October 15, 2009

English Emphasis 2: Literary Studies

The Literary Studies emphasis offers students the opportunity to “Experience and appreciate literature as a reflection and an enrichment of the human condition,” according to the English department’s Web site. It may be most beneficial to students who wish to continue their studies in graduate school, and those who wish to pursue a career as a professor, literary critic, or scholar of literature.

“I love good literature and I enjoy what it can teach you about society and people,” said Matt Montoya, a junior with an emphasis in literary studies. “I want to go to grad school to continue studying English, and eventually become a professor.”

Literary studies focuses on the development of literary analysis, research and library skills, and knowledge of critical theories and major movements within literature, courses required for this emphasis include upper-level studies of critical theories and culture of literature and language. English majors emphasizing in literary studies will also be required to take an additional six credits beyond the literary classes required for all English majors. With this emphasis, students can expect to graduate with a collection of their own analytical papers focused on literature.

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